Samsung Wall-mount AC with Fast Cooling 24000 BTU - White

Samsung Wall-mount AC with Fast Cooling 24000 BTU - White

Samsung Washer Front Loading 8 Kg 1400rpm - Silver

Samsung Washer Front Loading 8 Kg 1400rpm - Silver

Samsung Washer Top loading 11 Kg - Gray

  • Washing Capacity: 11 kg
  • No of Wash Cycles: 9
  • Fuzzy Logic Control
  • Transparent Top Lid
  • Display: Digital Display
  • Electronic Controls: yes
  • Made in Thailand
  • Washes clothes gently
  • Deep cleaning
  • Digital Inverter technology saves energy
  • 20 Years Warranty On Digital Inverter Motor™
KWD 139.00
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Top-loading washing machine WA13T5260BY / ST with Magic Dispenser, 13 kg.

Durable and powerful

Digital Inverter Technology
More energy saving Less noise And performance more durable than ever. Digital Inverter technology uses a planetary gear set to power the motor up to 5 times quietly * but consumes up to 40% less energy ** compared to conventional motors. It is also very durable.

Washes clothes gently
Wobble technology
No tangles, mess and damage problems with Wobble technology that preserves the fabric during washing. The Wobble Wave Maker generates a powerful, multi-directional water stream that prevents the fabric from tangling and knots. Moreover The technology also enhances the washing power that will make your clothes gentle and thorough cleaning.

Dissolve the detergent completely.
Magic Dispenser
Wash clothes without worrying about residual detergent residue.The Magic Dispenser creates a powerful vortex that dissolves both detergent and detergent thoroughly before starting the wash. Minimize the chance of detergent residue remaining on your clothes *

Deep cleaning
Intensive Wash
Even if it gets dirty, it washes flawlessly.The Intensive Wash can be used with all washing programs to remove stubborn stains such as blood, tea, wine, makeup and grass.This feature will help dissolve detergents quickly and help you. Allowing water to penetrate the fabric Makes removing stains more effectively

Long-lasting fragrance
Deep Softener
Be confident that your fabrics will smell better and last longer. The Deep Softener option makes the most effective fabric softener with an optimized washing algorithm. Make your fabric last longer with the same amount of fabric softener. This allows you to save more by not adding more fabric softener than usual or adding a washing program.

Powerful filtration system
Magic Filter
Prevent your black and white fabric from being covered with hard-to-see blemishes while preventing your drains from clogging up.Magic Filter can trap lint, lint, and debris from the laundry. Makes your clothes always look clean without spots It's also easy to clean, so the Magic Filter will always work efficiently.

Keep the drum clean
Eco Tub Clean
Keep your top loading washing machine fresh and hygienic. It also saves energy and money in your pocket. The Eco Tub Clean program removes any dirt build-up in the tub and around the rim of the tub without the need for expensive cleaning agents. It will automatically notify you when cleaning is needed *

Solve various problems easily.
Smart Check
Reduce costs and inconvenience when your washing machine fails Smart Check is an automatic error detection system that you can use anytime, anywhere via a smartphone app. * Diagnose any problems and provide quick and easy suggestions for solutions. Which saves you both time and money on repairs **

Soft to your fabric
Diamond Drum
Protect your clothes from being damaged. Diamond Drum's unique “soft curl” design can wash clothes with great efficiency while preserving the garments together. It features a razor-sharp edge that is gentle on your clothes. And a small spray hole, which prevents the fabric from being damaged.

Easier and safer control
Rear Control
Use your washing machine easily and effortlessly without worrying about water splashing onto the digital control panel.The tilted Rear Control panel lets you easily see the controls, even if they're miles away. The panels are also protected from splashing water.

More Information
Availability In Stock
Warranty Yes
Type Washer Top loading
Capacity 11 KG
Washing Capacity (KG) 11.0 kg
Quick Wash Yes
Child Lock Yes
Door Lock No
Weight (Net/Gross Kg) 41 kg
Load Type Top
Net Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 610 x 1075 x 675 mm
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